Adfactors B2B

India’s first full-service specialized B2B integrated marketing communications (IMC) consultancy

Adfactors B2B is India’s first full-service specialized B2B integrated marketing communications (IMC) consultancy primarily serving business-to-business (B2B) enterprises across all sectors and economic segments. A subsidiary of the multi-dimensional independent communications enterprise Adfactors Group that comprises Adfactors PR, Adfactors Advertising, Chlorophyll Brand Consultancy, Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd and Saffron Media Pvt. Ltd.

At Adfactors B2B, our passion is to build B2B brand leaders by helping small and growing companies attract new business by highlighting their strengths, thus helping them to gain visibility and build thought leadership in its domain.

We believe that the B2B enterprise segment needs communication tools that are specialized and radically different from conventional consumer communications. Adfactors B2B has developed specialized B2B expertise to offer integrated solutions such as Brand Consultancy, Public Relations, Digital & Social Media, Direct Marketing, Advertising and Specialized Content Creation. Our specialist teams understand the complexities of the B2B marketplace. We design campaigns that help B2B organizations generate and convert leads, stand out as thought leaders in crowded markets, engage communities, attract talent and, of course, effectively manage crisis if they do happen. Our focus is unapologetically commercial and our efforts are focused to positively impact your bottom line.

With a clear understanding of your marketing budget and communications objectives, we design campaigns that cut across multiple tools of communications, integrated through unified messaging.