Brand Consultancy

At Adfactors B2B we understand that brand building in the B2B world is fundamentally different than it is in the high-volume/low margin, closed-end transactional world of B2C. We understand the distinct branding implications of a considered purchase versus an impulse buy. Our B2B focus requires an intimate understanding of how—in the first instance—you function as a business; understanding the market dynamics of your industry; and the multi-layered customer relationships and complex channels-to-market you depend on.

In the domain of Brand Consultancy, we work very closely with our sister concern chlorophyll brand consultancy, which is India’s first end-to-end brand consultancy, set up in 1999. chlorophyll undertakes three types of tasks: Brand Creation; Brand Transformation (changing an existing brand Eg: Crompton Greaves to CG) and Brand Translation (adapting international brands to India). Till date it has created or managed over 200 brands.