Financial Communications

Capital Market Communications

From preparing a company to go public, to managing the IPO to post-IPO communications, we manage the A to Z of capital market communications.

Adfactors PR is also the market’s leading firm in providing communication support for other transactions like M&As, open offers, buy-backs, de-listings and restructuring. We develop customized plans to effectively communicate with investors and financial opinion influencers.

Capital Market Communications require expertise, rigour and 24X7 orientation to operate within exacting regulatory constraints.

Our team offers an unmatched breadth of expertise and experience in the Indian Capital Market. This is possible because our team includes former bankers, analysts, journalists, lawyers and other professionals. Their combined experience enables us to deal with the entire range of capital market issues.


Investor Relations

Most companies in India do not communicate enough with the financial community. As a result, many suffer from perception, liquidity and valuation issues in the market.

Sound Investor Relations is an important element to achieve fair valuation of a company’s stock price.

Through investor audits, perception studies, benchmarking and a number of specialized services, we help build effective investor relations programs targeting investors and analysts, both on the buy and sell-side groups.

We serve over 50 companies ranging from small-caps to large corporations, by understanding their ratios and presenting a strong investment case.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Adfactors PR has extensive experience in M&A communications. We have worked with bidders and targets in several M&A situations, friendly or unsolicited. We have also supported numerous corporates in successful buy-backs, de-listings, and open offers.

We guide our clients through the issues and challenges they may face and how the transactions will be viewed by the media, capital markets and other stakeholders. We work with advisors to align the communication program with the overall M&A strategy.


Debt Restructuring

In a difficult credit environment, debt market communications form an important element of a firm’s financial strategy.

Adfactors PR helps synchronize investor relations and debt market communications as problems with debt funding affects share value and company reputations.

We also offer communication support to companies undertaking corporate and financial restructuring. Through strong programs, we help them gain the confidence of their most important audiences.