Issues & Crisis Communications

A business can face an unexpected crisis and an effective response can make a huge difference to the final outcome. Timely and credible communications can be the differentiator between a temporary set-back and lasting damage.

This is an area of critical communications where the creation of a team with very specific skills and experience is essential. Our Crisis 24×7™ teams are designed for rapid response and combine multi-disciplinary skills in media relations, investor communications, online reputation, legal issues and dealing with local authorities.

We have a large body of experience across many forms of crisis situations and our teams are ready to execute communication strategies required to mitigate the impact of the crisis on our clients and help them move forward in the post-crisis phase.

Since its launch two years ago, the Crisis 24×7 ™ teams have managed over 60 projects representing a diverse range of sectors and crisis situations.


Litigation Support

Litigation can put well-established reputations at immediate risk. Corporate litigations are subject to media and public interest and companies thus need to have a communication program to deal with the media glare and reputation issues.

We develop programs customized to the unique demands of litigation related issues. Whether it is legal disputes, a regulatory review or class-action suits, we will work closely with your legal teams to assess the nature and level of media and public interest as well as to develop communication strategies that address the impacted audiences.

We provide real-time monitoring of local, national and international media and provide ongoing analysis and advice. This is possible through our strong team of litigation support consultants, with backgrounds in journalism and law.