Pre IPO & IPO Communications

Pre-IPO Communications – IPO Nurture

Companies often dilute value by going public without adequate preparation from a communication stand-point.

We offer a communication program called IPO Nurture™, that helps prepare a company to go public and optimize the value from the IPO process.

We start working early, alongside advisors and Private Equity investors. The program includes raising the company’s profile, building a distinct corporate identity, preparing the promoters and management team to face the challenges of media, investor and public scrutiny.

Another key element of the program is effectively positioning the company amongst diverse opinion influencer groups like media, stock brokers, analysts and personal finance advisors.


IPO Communications

In the last four-and-a-half years, India has witnessed 2056 IPOs. In such a flourishing industry, we enjoy a market leading position and have provided communication support to over 80 per cent of mid-size and large IPOs in the Indian market.

Through our vast experience in advising clients during the IPO process, we have managed virtually all the IPOs that could be characterized as sector firsts, in the last decade.

The same is true for all instrument firsts i.e. we provided communication support to all public issues that offered a new instrument.

As a firm, we are acknowledged for our strength in retail investor communications. As a matter of fact, we have supported all IPOs during the last five years which attracted more than a million applications.

We work alongside advisors to provide the communication strategy, messages and developing and executing communication plans across the nation, in a stringent regulatory frame-work.